Black And Brew Playoff Fantasy Football

Registration process

Place Email, first name, and last name in the box below.  


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Once you hit submit registation (below)  you will be taken to the home page.  Your name will show up in the Select name box.  Select your name and fill in your team.   Future entry's will not require you to register and you are now part of Blackandbrew family.

You will receive an email that includes your team and also a link to pay thru paypal.  Click on the paypal link and you will send your entry fee thru paypal.   No paypal fees are charged on this transacation as it is an exchange between family and friends. Blackandbrew pays out 100% of money collected back to players.

You will need to have paid thru paypal or have a mutual agreement with a sponsor before the tournament starts or your roster will be deactivated.