8 January 2024

Black & Brew Crew,

Another NFL regular season comes to a close which means it's my favorite time of year! Black & Brew Fantasy Football contest is again open for business.

As in years past, the format will be the same. Select the following each week:
- one quarterback
- one running back
- one wide receiver
- one tight end
- one kicker
- one defense
- plus one FLEX player (any RB, WR, or TE not already selected)

Each NFL player can be selected once (and only once) during the course of the playoffs. Scoring and full rules can be found here.

Weekly selections can be submitted on the roster builder page. If you're on this invite email and/or participated last year you should find your name in that list. If you cannot find your name in the list, no worries! Register as a new player here and your name will appear in the drop down menu after registering.

The Super Wild Card round kicks off this Saturday at 3:30 CST. Absolutely no new teams will be allowed after foot meets the ball in the Browns at Houston game. I dread it already but I will have to reach out to someone at 3:40 letting them know that they were too late to participate this year. Don't let that person be you. In fact, if you're someone that tends to forget, feel free to drop a placeholder roster in right now. You can change it as many times as you want between now and kickoff of the first game of the weekend. Only your last roster before games kick off will be used.

This initial invite includes mostly participants from last year's event plus a few more I think may be interested. Please feel free to forward to anyone else that might want to join - the more the merrier! If their name is not already in the list, all they'll need to do is register at the link above or from the roster builder page.

Please also let me know if you have an alternate email address that you would prefer any mails get sent to.

$30 entry fee can be sent via either paypal or venmo. Going to make more of an effort this year to get this money collected at the start of the competition so it does not become a chase at the end of the playoffs.

Thanks and best of luck!
Ben Schroeder
"God bless fantasy football. There are many things a man can do with him time...this is better than those things"